The beautiful stories of Paris are revealed in the details of its Architecture. On board Corto, the Seine lets you see this setting of beauty in all delicacy over the water...

Le Bateau Français was born from this passion for this multifaceted World Capital. A lifetime would not be enough to discover all this history sculpted in the Monuments, Bridges, Statues....

A private cruise on Corto on the Seine in Paris is a timeless and unique experience.
"Because every cruise in Paris is a discovery, beyond the beauty and the power of the monuments, we are surprised at each walk: we notice a new statue perched on a roof, a tree- lined terrace which invites you to stroll, it's an endless story”

Would you like a commented visit? Our team will be happy to tell you the historical anecdotes over the water.

You also have the possibility to come with your art history expert for your event.


Picture Credit : @Cedric Ebimder/ @thekind.

posted byAdèle3/11/2021

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