How to get to the meeting point for your embarkation?

Here are the addresses to communicate to your driver or the googleMaps link for your GPS:

Louvre Museum:
14 quai Francois Mitterrand 75001 Paris
GoogleMaps link: https://goo.gl/maps/1GPLa1FDJ1Be3Wk29

Saint Germain des Près:
13 quai Malaquais 75006
GoogleMaps link: https://goo.gl/maps/RifVATD3RFPGzXay9

Champs Elysées:
1910 Port des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris
GoogleMaps link: https://goo.gl/maps/wBXMG3AADDrSm4iVA

Orsay Museum:
9 Place Henry de Montherlant, 75007 Paris
GoogleMaps link: https://goo.gl/maps/E21sjxLd96WJ7rVE9

In case of rain, what are the cancellation conditions ?

A bimini protects the rear exterior part of the boat. We also provide you with large transparent umbrellas if you prefer to stay at the front. A completely sheltered cabin with large windows allowing you to admire Paris in the warmth and dryness.

We try to remain as flexible as possible because we want you to enjoy this private cruise on the Seine in the best conditions.

If the weather forecast is very rainy on the day of your cruise, you have the option of changing the date and time of your reservation. For this we invite you to contact us no later than 72 hours before your cruise. We will of course do our best to offer you a more appropriate slot free of charge according to our availability.

Is the price the same for 2 or 8 or 10 passengers ?

The boat is totally privatized for your romantic evening, your birthday party, your family outing, your business event on the Seine in Paris.
The price is the same for 1 to 8 passengers, then the price increases per passenger.

Can we bring our picnic ?

Picnics and outside food are not allowed on board. We have taken great care to offer you a refined aperitif platter composed of noble products such as seasonal fruits, pasteurized cheeses and small sweet cakes to satisfy the palate of all our guests, from the youngest to the oldest.

On request, we can order additional aperitif platters, so don't hesitate to ask us when you make your reservation.

How long is the cruise ?

Your Seine cruise lasts 1h30, enough time to rediscover Paris at an ideal pace: neither too slow nor too fast.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to organize a tailor-made outing, we will study together the organization of your event with family, friends or professional and we will send you an adapted estimate.

Is this cruise suitable for young children ?

Children of all ages are welcome on board under the responsibility of the adults who accompany them throughout the cruise.

We ask that you respect the ratio of 1 adult for 2 children under the age of 11 in order to accompany them when moving from the front to the back of the boat.

What foreign language are we speaking ?

We welcome our foreign passengers in English, for other languages a few friendly words here and there.

Would you like to come with your pet ?

Unfortunately, not all animals have sea legs, however we exclusively accept personal assistance dogs.

Is the boat easy to access ?

The boarding of passengers is done with the assistance of the Captain and may present some difficulties for people with reduced mobility.

We cannot guarantee that boarding will be possible for people with disabilities who do not have appropriate assistance.

Is the cruise commented ?

The Seine offers you a unique and unusual point of view. If you wish, our team will be happy to give you a commented tour of Paris, providing historical details over the water in complete exclusivity.

Do boarding and disembarking take place at the same place ?

We are committed to taking you on a cruise along the Seine, following an itinerary allowing you to see the most beautiful Parisian monuments, in the most luxurious and exclusive way. For this itinerary to be complete, it is preferable to embark and disembark at the same place, chosen by you when you book.