Clément has many years of sailing experience, both on Luxury Yachts and on Sailboats, but he is above all a Parisian. After criss-crossing the Mediterranean, making stops from the North to the South of the West Indies and crossing the Atlantic Ocean, he now sails on the Seine.

“Each cruise in Paris is a discovery, beyond the beauty and the power of the monuments, we are surprised at each walk: we notice a new statue perched on a roof, a tree-lined terrace which invites you to stroll, it is a never ending Story”

- Clément

Who is clément ?

Young quadra with curly hair, small creases at the corners of the eyes, salty skin, feet size 46 a detail that counts at sea! He gains in balance on a sailboat in the middle of the Atlantic but loses in choice of shoe in Paris (laughs).

As rightly said, time at sea, he spent. Seven years of navigation, like a Corto Maltese… during which he put his huge feet on yachts, sailboats, catamarans, from the smallest to the largest, from the most luxurious to the wildest. Leading him to unnameable islands because of their beauty, marveling at thousands of sunsets over the sea every day is exhilarating, isn't it? so, I will not talk to you about Australia, Polynesia or the Caribbean or the West Indies or all its magnificent places classified in the tourist catalog of “distant paradise destinations…”

Let “lointaiiiiiines” resonate in our minds, you will have understood that it is not the call of the sea that he hears but the call of Paris! Have a drink with friends, tell them about the "sailor's clichés", have a laugh with your family, maintain this dream shared with your elders. And while he becomes the narrator of his "life style", with his lively eyes and his air of assurance, he likes to devour his father with his gaze, drinking a little whiskey without ice, not too peated, recounting his "love stories" on the islands with his mother, calling his brother and sharing a sports session between “bro”; grow his mustache, these nieces will have a blast pulling it on him when they see him... but by the way will they recognize him this time? I feel compelled to hum this Gold song “Abandoned Captain”, remember this is New Wave time! are you singing it now? but he is not, he preferred to shout "captain once captain always"

Because in reality, one day in Paris, one of the most beautiful capitals in the world! he decided not to go back, a good real bed is so much better (laughs), and to let himself go in the real world: he left his flip-flops for a floating immersion in Paris, just enough time to regain his footing in earth, to see a metaphor there, yes! but not without meaning: its earthly paradise, Paris, city of lights giving birth to a new adventure.

“one day, le bateau français”.