The Earful Tower : The PODCAST épisode

The last episode of the season of The Earful Tower podcast, with the whole Earful team aboard Corto! The Earful Tower is an award-winning channel about Paris and France, created by Oliver Gee and featuring special guests who make the City of Light shine

We were in the company of Louvre expert and tour guide Amber Minogue, The Earful's own tour guide, Charlotte Pleasants, and their loyal photographer Augusta Sagnelli, not to mention Lina Nordin Gee a Swedish fashion designer and illustrator, also known online as Parisian Postcards.

This is the history of Paris over the water, Oliver Gee famous Parisian guide lends us his voice to comment on this trip on the Seine with Le Bateau Francais and his whole team.

Discoveries, anecdotes, secrets revealed during a champagne cruise, sweet and savory delights, all our senses are awakened.

posted byAdèle7/4/2023

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